Don't Waste My Time!

find and block your the most time-eating websites

Don't waste your time! Track which websites waste your time. Block access to them to be more productive.

Don't Waste My Time! is the Safari browser extension allowing you to track which websites mostly waste your time and block access to them to be more productive.

For intance, if you are distracted by social networks like youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, reddit or anything other during your work, you can easily track the time you're spending on them and temporarily block these sites to be more concentrated on your task and productive.

Install the app, activate the embedded Safari extension, and just wait for the web-surfing statistics to be gathered. Then you can click the extension's toolbar button to see a list of your the most time-eating websites. There you can discover:

  • how many times you opened the specific website;
  • how much time you wasted on which websites today, yesterday and all the time;
  • how much your today wasted time has changed compared to the yesterday;
  • what percentage of all your web-surfing time was spent on which website.

Upgrading to Premium unlocks the Safari website blocker functionality. It allows you to block access to certain websites to be more productive and concentrated on your task while you are working in the Safari.