URL Shortener for Safari

One-click URL shortening Safari extension

URL Shortener for Safari is a modern Safari browser extension allowing you to easily shorten URLs. It works with the latest Safari (12 and 13) and the latest macOS versions (Mojave and Catalina).

There are two options available:

  • You can click the extension's toolbar button to instantly shorten the current page URL. The shortened link will be copied into the clipboard automatically.
  • You can right-click any link at the page, choose Shorten context menu option, and this link's URL will be instantly shortened and automatically copied into the clipboard.

This Safari URL Shortener extension uses the cutt.ly shortening API to provide you an experience of making links short with just one click right from Safari. The API key is already embedded into the extension so you can use it immediately and don't need to tune it somehow.

However, you can set your own API key if you care about your shorten links privacy. In this case, you will also be able to track your shorten links and their visitors using the cutt.ly analytics in your account.



Works in modern Safari versions 12 & 13 on both macOS Mojave & Catalina.

Safari extension

URL Shortener is the Safari extension so you don't need to leave your browser to make links short anymore.

One-click shortening

Just click the Safari toolbar button and the current page URL will be shortened and automatically copied in the clipboard.

Ready to go

Just install and use it immediately, no settings are needed.